Celebrate 4th Of July In Las Vegas And Take A Bus Tour To The Grand Canyon

If you’re looking for something fun to do over the 4th of July holiday, then you should consider heading to Vegas to celebrate, and while there, you can take a scenic bus tour of the Grand Canyon to top off your vacation in style. There are daily tours out of Vegas that go to the West or South Rim. It’s a good idea to book your bus tour in advance because they are very popular, especially during this time of year when more people take vacations.

Touring By Bus

Bus tours last the whole day, so you’ll depart around 7am and get back to Vegas around 9pm. Because of that, it may not be a good idea to make plans for a dinner out or a show on the same day as your tour. There could even be some unforeseen circumstance that causes your bus to leave or return later than usual and that would disrupt your evening plans if you make them.

The buses go to either the West or South Rim, and the trip to the West Rim is shorter at 125 miles, while the South Rim is longer at 277 miles. Both of the bus tours use the same route out of Vegas that goes by the Hoover Dam, and the buses make a quick stop there to take photos and let you stretch your legs.

Quick Note: While you’ll get a chance to see the Hoover Dam, you won’t stay long enough to explore the area, so if you want to take a nice tour of the Dam, be sure to schedule a separate tour you can take on a different day.

If you book a tour to the West Rim, after seeing the Hoover Dam, your bus heads to the rim and the Skywalk complex. The buses that tour the South Rim keep diving into Arizona until they get to Tusayan, which is by the gates of the National Park. The bus tours are all-inclusive, which means your park entry fee and all other fees and taxes are paid for upfront in the cost of your tour.

West Rim Tours

Once you depart your bus at the West Rim, you’ll have about 2.5 hours to explore on foot. One convenient way to see the area is to book a shuttle ride that goes between Eagle and Guano Points. The shuttle ride is not included in your tour since it is an optional experience, but it is a nice way to view the area more quickly and see some scenic views.

Another thing you want to do at the West Rim is visit the Skywalk, and the tickets to it are extra, but you can buy them once you get to the Canyon. On the other hand, if you are certain you’ll want to experience the Skywalk, then you can go ahead and add the ticket upgrade to your tour package and pay for it when you buy your tour.

The Skywalk is one of the most famous attractions at the Canyon and it is a big draw with visitors to Vegas. The Skywalk is a huge bridge made of glass that juts out 70 feet past the edge of the rim so you can walk beyond the Canyon and look through the floor 4000 feet to the ground below you.

The South Rim

The tours of the South Rim allot you about 2 1/2 hours to explore also. Highlights of your South Rim tour include scenic views from Mather, Yavapai, and Yaki Points. There is also an interesting village you can visit to shop for crafts and souvenirs and enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant. Be sure to visit Hopi House while you’re there.

The tour buses are comfortable and complete with many luxuries, including on-board Wi-Fi. Your all-inclusive tour not only covers taxes and fees, it also provides you with lunch.

You can book a basic tour if you just want the sightseeing experience, or you can upgrade your tour to include other activities like taking a helicopter flight over the Canyon. No matter which rim you visit, you can put together a great tour, so there is no bad choice when it comes to seeing the Canyon. Also, if you plan to book a tour during the Fourth of July holiday period, you definitely want to buy your tickets as soon as possible, because Vegas bus tours will sell out fast, and then you’ll miss your chance to see one of America’s most beautiful natural landmarks.

Pay Tribute To America And Take A Grand Canyon Tour

Independence Day is one of America’s favorite holidays. So why not celebrate it by taking a Grand Canyon tour? Choices include helicopter and airplane flights, bus tours, and smooth-water rafting trips. They’re all exciting and they’re all running on their regular schedules over the July 4th holiday.

Grand Canyon tours start from two places: Tusayan, Arizona (the site of Grand Canyon National Park Airport, sometimes called “GCA”) and Las Vegas, Nevada. Folks coming from Phoenix and other places in AZ will want to take tours leaving from Tusayan. I’m expecting the National Park to be really busy over the July 4th holiday, so book your tour at least a week ahead (two would be even better).

South Rim Tours

Two versions of helicopter tours leave from GCA and do the South Rim – one gives you 30 minutes of airtime; the other bumps that up to 50 minutes. Even though the shorter version flies rim-to-rim (South to North and back), I prefer the upgraded 50-minute flight because it does that but also adds the East Rim. By the time this tour is finished you’ll see up to ¾ of the entire Park!

Airplane tours are popular here too. They follow the same route as the upgraded helicopter tour and last 50 minutes. A close runner-up in popularity is the 15-mile smooth-water rafting tour down the Colorado. It starts at Glen Canyon Dam and ends at historic Lee’s Ferry.

Vegas Tours

If you’ll be based in Sin City, you can tour the South Rim or the West. Prices tend to be a little lower than the Grand Canyon tours leaving from Tusayan.

Choppers only take 45 minutes to reach the West Rim from Vegas. All helicopter tours fly over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, but you can pick from air-only or landing flights.

My personal favorite is the exciting helicopter tour that lands on the bottom (where you’ll enjoy a champagne picnic) – especially when it’s extended to include the rafting tour down the Colorado and VIP access to the Skywalk. This is the renowned “Glass Bridge” that lets visitors walk 70 feet past the edge of the rim, with the bottom a staggering 4,000 feet below!

Bus tours to the South or West Rim are incredibly popular and affordably priced. The basic West Rim version is perfect for people with limited time or budgets, but an optional extension adds the exciting chopper flight to the bottom. South Rim bus tours can be enhanced by adding the 30-minute, rim-to-rim helicopter flight.

Plane tours from Vegas do either rim too. The choices for the West Rim are similar to the choices for helicopter tours – except for the price (airplane tours are cheaper). A terrific South Rim package flies there direct and includes a 2 ½ hour bus tour inside the National Park.

Book Now!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m expecting the July 4th holiday to be a busy time at the canyon. I urge you to book your tour as soon as you can. That way you’ll have more choices and be able to get the best prices.

Speaking of prices, book your tickets on the Web, right on the tour company’s website. Skip the big travel brokers like Expedia, Orbitz and Viator – they’ll charge you more. Just remember to complete your purchase on the tour company’s site so you qualify for the terrific online discount.

Summing Up

Grand Canyon tours leave from Tusayan and Las Vegas. They’re all exciting, memorable and fun. Helicopter, bus, rafting and airplane tours are available. Book as soon as you decide, and do it on the tour company’s website so you get the great Internet rate.

Want to Tour the US for Less? Head to Chinatown

Bargain hunters don’t only go to Chinatown for knock off designer handbags, they also look there to find the best prices on bus tours of America. Travelers in east and west coast US cities have come to love the “Chinatown Bus” for their no-frills service and rock bottom prices. However, the bargains do not stop there. If you want to find the cheapest way to see the most popular tourist attractions in the US, try a Chinatown tour operator.

Just as Chinatown bus service began by catering to the recent immigrant community, for years these tour operators have targeting their tours only to the Chinese speaking community. However, more recently they have been discovered by the broader market and are increasingly popular for visitors to the US and residents alike.

Sayaka Singh who lives in New York said that any time she has family visiting from India they inevitably want to take a trip to Niagara Falls. She discovered several Chinatown tour companies online and has since sent many family members to the Falls with them. She said, “You can’t beat it, for less than a hundred dollars they get transportation in a nice motorcoach, hotel accommodations, a tour of the Falls area, and several other stops along the way. They loved it.” Several of her relatives went on to take a tour to Washington DC as well.

What to Expect

These are definitely budget tours, but the value they deliver is truly unbeatable. Hotels are usually 2-star level but they tend to be national chains and are quite adequate. Plan on something equivalent to a Travelodge, however many times the hotel quality is higher. Hotels are commonly not situated in the downtown core of the city or right near an attraction.

In a style typical of tours throughout Asia, the tour itinerary is usually quite full. The pace of these tours is very rapid. You will see as many attractions as possible but will not stay at any one attraction for very long. This can be frustrating for people who like to linger or have time to explore. It is perfect for travelers who want to see a lot in a short period of time.

People from all over the world go on these tours and it is impossible to predict the demographic makeup of a group. However, do not expect an “all-American” crowd. You should expect multilingual tour guide and many non-English speakers on the tour. Many people cite the mix of people as their favorite aspect of the tours (“I felt like I was part of a UN delegation, it was great”. The tour guide will not give an in-depth narrated tour and will speak in both Chinese and English. The tour guide will also arrange for the group to stop for meals. This is usually simple fare such as a rest stop food court or a Chinese restaurant.

How do they do it?

$99 for a 3-day tour from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon? $85 for a 2-day tour from NYC to Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia? It is hard to fathom how they can offer such low fares.

These companies run very streamlined operations and work on slim margins. The key to their model is that the tour buses are full. They tend to operate tours only to the most popular destinations (ie. Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Niagara Falls, Washington DC), and they sometimes cancel a tour if not enough people book it. Often these tour companies use charter buses and therefore do not have the expense of maintaining and operating a fleet of buses, something that may not really be their area of expertise.

Since the tour companies run tours on a regular schedule, they are able to negotiate very good room rates with hotels. Therefore they can still offer low rates even during a busy time of year. They also save money by paying their tour guides very little. Customers are expected to tip the tour guides and this really their main source of compensation.

What exactly is included?

All tours include hotel, tour guide and transportation. Most include entrance fees to any national parks when applicable. Some also include admission to attractions. Read the tour details carefully or inquire before you book if you are not sure. Optional tours can add to the cost of your tour and you should budget accordingly. Usually the tour guide will organize the optional tours for the group and you will pay the guide directly.

How do I find these tours?

Almost any city that has a sizable Asian population will most likely have a tour operator specializing in multi-day budget tours. New York, Boston, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Los Angeles have dozens of tour operators. Most likely they will not advertise in the same places that traditional tour companies do. Your best bet is to look online.

These tours are a terrific option for travelers who want to see some of America’s most beloved sights but do not have a lot of time and want a great value. For far less than you would pay if you went on your own, you can sit back and have someone else make all the arrangements for you. As an added bonus you will also get to experience a great diversity of cultures along the way.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Bus Tours During St Patrick’s Day Holiday

Are you looking for a fun and different way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year? You should consider taking a bus tour of the Grand Canyon, because it’s hard to find something more exciting and memorable than that. Combine your tour with a getaway to Vegas, where the bus tours depart, and you’ll have a trip filled with fun and memories. These bus tours fill up fast, so you’ll want to book yours in advance to secure your seats. Here’s a quick look at what the bus tours entail.

Vegas Bus Tours To The Canyon

The buses operate daily, and they leave once a day around 7am. These tours take most of the day, so you won’t get back until your hotel until about 9pm.

Vegas is situated about 125 miles from the West Rim, and it takes the tour bus around 2.5 hours to get there. You can book a bus tour from Vegas to the South Rim too, but the bus ride there takes around 5 1/2 hours.

Either rim is a good choice because both of them have many stunning views. The South Rim is noted for its beautiful scenery and remote wilderness areas. The West Rim, on the other hand, has more adventure activities and attractions, so it’s the best choice if you’re interested in tourist activities.

The Skywalk Is On The West Rim

The Skywalk is at the West Rim, and it is a popular attraction you’ll want to see when you go to the Canyon. Did you ever wish you could float on air? That’s how you’ll feel when you stand on the Skywalk and peer down 4000 feet to the bottom of the Canyon. The attraction is one of the most popular at the West Rim because standing on glass that’s suspended over the Canyon is an exhilarating experience. You can also upgrade your bus tour to include a helicopter tour of the Canyon that flies over the area or lands down on the Canyon floor by the river where you can take a scenic boat ride.

Exploring The South Rim Of The Canyon

There are several walking trails at the South Rim for you to explore, and there are some fantastic lookout points too, in addition, you can visit the Grand Canyon Village. The Village is a great place to learn about the Canyon and to shop for unique gifts and souvenirs. Don’t miss Yaki and Yavapai Points if you want to see some beautiful views of the Canyon.

You Can Book A Deluxe Tour

Bus tours are the most affordable tours you can take of the Canyon, and they come in two types. The basic tour and the deluxe upgrade. The basic tours utilize large buses that carry 50 or so people each trip. The basic tour is a good choice if you want the most affordable option or if you need to buy seats for a large group of people.

Sprinter vans are used on the deluxe tours, and they have comfortable Captain seats that carry 10 passengers. Fewer people on the tour means you’ll have a voice in when and where the van stops, plus your ride will be more comfortable. It is worth the extra cost to book a deluxe tour if you can.

The buses that depart from Vegas follow a route that goes by the Hoover Dam, and you’ll make a quick stop there so you can get a good look at the massive feat of engineering and take some amazing photos. If you’d like to get a closer look at the Hoover Dam, you can book another tour on a different day and spend more time there.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve decided to take a bus tour, be sure to book it online. Booking online gives you access to the best deals and it makes it convenient to buy your tour early. You should try to buy your tour at least two weeks ahead of time to make sure seats are still available for the tour you want.

You’ll enjoy a trip to the Canyon no matter what time of year you go. But St. Patrick’s Day is the ideal time since the weather is still cool and it’s the perfect time for adventure and good times. If you’ll be visiting Vegas, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take an affordable bus tour of one of America’s most famous national parks.

Is Your Band Touring Europe on a Sleeper Bus? Check the Parking

There are a staggering number of gigs in continental Europe that have no parking for sleeper buses or trucks. (America, being the home of the automobile, does not seem to have this problem). Some European venues are actually completely inaccessible for a touring sleeper bus. There are either low bridges surrounding the venue, narrow streets, weight restrictions or zoning laws. Playing one of these gigs is not only a logistical challenge but can actually end up costing you money.

The standard approach for gigs with no parking is ‘drop and run’ – the sleeper bus pulls up to the venue at load-in time, the crew haul the gear off, the band gather everything they need for the show and troop into the venue and the bus pulls away again, probably to spend the evening in a truck stop on the outside of town. After the show and load-out the bus returns, everyone gets back on and drive to the next show.

‘Drop and run’ gigs can be made a lot less traumatic if the person in charge (hopefully a competent concert tour manager) informs everyone the day before the show that the sleeper bus will be going away and that they need to prepare everything they need for the show before they leave the bus at load-in time. Just saying the words ‘the bus is going away after load-in’ is usually enough to make people listen – play on the psychological attachment people have to their hotel on wheels.

The same competent person should then also check with the driver to confirm where the bus is actually going to be. Once parked up the driver will probably try to get some sleep and will not appreciate a phone call saying ‘where are you, the bass player left her tuner on the bus’ for instance.

Venues that have no actual access to sleeper buses are rare but do exist. You should check with the booking agent and venue itself before confirming such a gig – it is likely to cost you money. The problem is that you cannot do a ‘drop and run’ because you cannot even get the sleeper bus near the gig. You will therefore have to hire another, smaller, vehicle and cross-load the gear and touring party into that. For instance, The Tivoli Oudegracht in Utrecht is inaccessible to buses and trucks because of weight restrictions on the street. Bands are advised to park their sleeper buses in a conference centre nearby and cross-load the gear from there. However, Tivoli also want top-class artists to play at their venue and realise the cross-loading is their problem, not yours. The venue therefore supply a mini-bus and small truck to help get band, crew and equipment in and out of the gig as part of the show deal.

Other venues have become inaccessible to tour buses because of local zoning laws. This is especially true of London, which introduced a Low Emission Zone covering all of London within the M25 motorway, in 2008. The zone is designed to improve air quality in the capital by preventing high-polluting diesel engine vehicles from entering the city centre. Vehicles with high emissions have to pay £200 a day to enter the zone. Unfortunately, for touring bands, all of London’s music venues now lie within the zone.

You will be charged the £200 if you have an old tour bus (pre 2006) and you enter the zone to play a gig. And, because you will undoubtedly be in the zone after midnight, you will be charged for the next day as well. Your London show has just cost you £400.

To Santo Domingo From Punta Cana by Bus With Bavaro Express

If you are staying in Punta Cana you might be interested in visiting Santo Domingo, the first and oldest city built in America by Europeans. the best way is by bus taking the Bavaro Express (Expreso Bavaro). This bus leaves from Bavaro Bus Station, around the Friusa intersection on the Avenida Estados Unidos 809-552-1678.

Departure times are:

7:00 am (first bus)
9:00 am
11:00 am
1 pm
3 pm
4 pm (last bus)

You may also board at the Veron stop along Plaza Colonial 809-455-1473. In this case the pick-up times are usually half an hour after the original departure time. The price of the ticket is 400 RD$ one-way for both adults and children and there is no discount if you buy the return ticket. You can buy the tickets at the office just in front of the bus stop, same story in Santo Domingo for the way-back. The trip is around 3h40m depending on the traffic.

**BE AWARE that very often entering the city the driver or other men ask who’s going to visit the Colonial Zone (Zona Colonial). This is a trick for the tourists. They say that the bus doesn’t pass for the Colonial Zone and the only way to reach it is taking a cab. That’s not true because the bus actually goes to the Colonial Zone. The only reason they do it is because they just want to get some extra money. So they try to let you get off before and push you to get a taxi (bus and taxi drivers have a deal in this sense) with the excuse that that part of the city is very dangerous. In case this happens DON’T GET OFF and stay on the bus till it arrives at the Chinatown neighbor that is very close to the Colonial Zone and it’s safe**.

Upon entering Santo Domingo, the driver is flexible with letting passengers off. The normal stops are in front of the Dario Contreras Hospital on Santo Domingo’s east side, the corner of Calle Josefa Brea & 27 de Febrero and the last stop on Juan Sanchez Ramirez, off of Maximo Gomez.

Getting to Bavaro from Santo Domingo

The bus is picked up just off the Avenida Maximo Gomez on Juan Sanchez Ramirez #31 809-682-9670 just about a half a block from the Supermercado Nacional. Departure times are the same as in Bavaro. Before leaving the city, the bus will make one more stop at El Parque Enriquillo on Avenida Duarte. Tickets can also be purchased at this location.

Once the Expreso Bavaro bus reaches Bavaro, it is no longer an express bus. From the bus’s first stop at Veron, to its last stop at Friusa, the driver will let passengers off wherever they please.

Tell Me About Machu Picchu Tours

Machu Picchu is a location that gets a lot of hype. And it deserves it. Situated in misty mountain tops deep inside the Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu is one of the few major Incan cities left untouched by the Spanish. The best way to fully appreciate the history and mystery of this site is by taking a Machu Picchu tour. However, since the ruins are such a major tourist destination, there is a plethora of companies to choose from. To make choosing one easier-and to insure your vacation lives up to your expectations-follow this guideline to first figure out what you want out of a visit to Machu Picchu.

Decide if you want a group tour, a private tour, or to go solo. Because just getting to Machu Picchu is rather difficult and expensive, it makes sense not to skimp once you finally get to the destination. Of course, if you want to walk around with your guidebook that is entirely doable, but most people tend to enjoy a guided tour with someone who is very familiar with the ruins. If you are traveling with a group of friends or with a family, you might want to take a private guide for your group. Otherwise, a group tour will typically suffice, although make sure you know the group size, anything more than 10-15 people will be uncomfortable.

Decide if you want to hike the Inca Trail. Although most people visit the ruins via a bus ride from the town of Aguas Calientes, ambitious travelers get there the way the Incas did, on foot. The standard Inca Trail trek lasts 4 days at ends in Machu Picchu on the final day. There is also a 2 day option (which requires one full day of trekking and one day at the ruins), as well as numerous alternate treks that still follow original Inca Trails, but are less utilized by tourists.

Bookings for the standard Inca Trail are limited to 500 a day (and many of these spots are taken up by support staff) and trail dates sell out months in advance, especially during the high season, so if hiking to Machu Picchu is something you’re interested in, be sure to plan in advance!

Once you know what you want out of your tour, make sure you’re comfortable the day of. Remember to pack for the weather (there is a rainy and dry season in that region), be sure to bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen because the sun is very strong, as well as water to keep you hydrated, and good shoes to give yourself support.

East Coast Tours Provide Travelers the Opportunity to Experience Culture

Many people travel to commune with nature and enjoy the serenity that comes with it. It is true that natural wonders are breathtaking, but it is often said that when one is confronted with manmade creations and culture they will experience true wisdom.

Within the USA, you can find major cultural centers in big cities throughout the East Coast. Some of the most popular stops on an East Coast tour would include places like New York City, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. These cities provide a unique combination of modern day wonders and a rich mosaic of American history.

If you are international traveler coming to the USA for the first time you will want to get an overview of America from A-Z in the shortest amount of time possible. The best way to do this is to book an East Coast tour. For USA residents, an East Coast tour will refresh your memory and enrich your knowledge in unexpected ways.

A typical East Coast tour will include the following destinations:

New York City, also know as the “Big Apple,” has much to offer including the Statute of Liberty, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios, Fifth Avenue, and the Empire State Building. These major institutions represent the highest achievement in the economy on some level.

Washington DC is the seat of the government. While there you don’t have to associate yourself with dreadful politics but simply spend time admiring the grand building of the White House and Capitol Hill. Imagine all the important decision-makers inside that are racking their brains. In DC, you can also look with reverence at the various presidential and war memorials.

Philadelphia is considered the mecca of liberty in most American’s eyes. The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall mark the birth of the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution.

Once you have had enough manmade culture and want to seek out nature again, the glorious Niagara Falls is just round the corner in upstate New York. A lot more fun is waiting for you in the East Coast USA.

What There Is To Understand About Travel Bus Tours

There are many exceptional travel bus tours that run in the great American cities of Washington D. C., Boston and Chicago. This is a good method for tourist to get to recognize a city. They come with excursion information specialist that is genuinely knowledgeable about the town and will explain all of the exciting facts about a specific region. These tours are generally economical and a wonderful way to travel.

One of the most typical tours is Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America. This is just about the ideal place to visit coming from tourists’ point of view. This interesting district is an illustration of years of historical information. It is a part of American history and is one of the most visited areas in the world. Besides it being the capital of U. S. It is the home of the first President of United states of America, George Washington. Washington DC can be found runs along the Potomac River and it is bordered by Virginia. It is also near Maryland.

The three branches of government operate here. All of this information is included in the bus tours. There is a lot of information that is given on these tours regarding the historical context of the area as well as how the government operations.

Washington D. C. Brings in tourists coming from all over the world. There is a plethora of great locations to visit. The monuments, cultural stores, museums, and cinemas and entertainment centers makes it an excellent place for taking in the sights. There is a lot of American heritage in the region with plenty of museums and historical government structures.

The district is filled with historic landmarks. The bus tour guides take their time to explain their importance. The National Mall is one of the most popular stops. A lot has happened in this location. Tourist get off the bus here and take a lot of pictures as it is a very significant monument in America.

The world popular Smithsonian Museum is situated in Washington D. C., and houses a collection of historical artifacts. People come from all over the world to go to this establishment. It also houses several other famous museums. You can literally spend several days inside exploring the artifacts.

The other museums give attention to a variety of subject matter. Many school trips also trip here on guided tour buses. There is the Natural History museum plus the Science and space museum which is another very popular destination. This specific section has so much to provide. It has a lot of cultural activities along with a lively night life. These bus tours usually go all around the city and tourist get a good idea of what the district has to offer.

Travel bus tours are really packed with a lot of information. The District offers several other attractions, it is a lot to see and do below. The best way to become a spectator of the popular, political, cultural and also diversity of DC is a sightseeing tour, and if the specific sightseeing tour could be in a Double Decker Bus that’s even better. This is a really fun way to explore the district.

These 5 Tips Will Help You Pick The Best Las Vegas Bus Tour To The Grand Canyon

If you’ll be going to Vegas, you’ll have all sorts of fun activities to choose from, and one of them is taking a bus tour to the Grand Canyon. If that sounds like something you want to do, just keep these 5 tips in mind when you book your tour.

Tour Tip #1 Buy Your Tour Seats Online

Buying your tour online is the most convenient way to book your tour. Booking your tour yourself online allows you to avoid paying commissions to a travel agent, and that means you’ll get the lowest price available on your tour. Buying your tour online with your credit card secures your seats instantly, and you’ll get confirmation of your reservations so you know your seats will be waiting on the day of your tour.

Tour Tip #2 Buying Your Tour In Advance Is Best

Also, you want to purchase your tour in advance of your travel date. These bus tours to the Canyon are very popular and they fill up fast with visitors to Vegas. Therefore, book your tour about two weeks in advance so you don’t have to worry about it being sold out. Even better, go ahead and book your bus tour right after you book your Vegas hotel, and that way you won’t forget. Buying your tour early is less expensive too, because if you wait until 48 hours before the tour departs, you’ll probably be forced to pay a higher fare.

Tour Tip #3 Choose The Deluxe Option

The Vegas bus tours to the Canyon come in basic and deluxe versions. The deluxe tours give you a more personal experience on your tour, so book one if you can. If you take a basic tour, you’ll ride on a bus with about 50 other people. That’s the best option when you travel with a big group, but since there are so many on the bus, you won’t get to choose when or where the bus makes its stops along the way. The deluxe tours utilize sprinter vans and carry fewer people, and this makes your trip more personal and you won’t waste so much time waiting for large groups of people to get on and off the bus at each stop.

Tour Tip #4 Add Fun Options To Your Tour

Your bus tour will hit most of the main highlights whether you go to the West Rim or the South Rim. The bus tour allows you time to explore at the Canyon, so that gives you the opportunity to add some adventure experiences to your tour. If you go to the South Rim, you can add on a helicopter tour of the Canyon that flies over to the North Rim and then to the eastern border of the National Park. The West Rim offers a helicopter adventure too, and this one flies you down to the Canyon floor where you can enjoy a Champagne picnic, then you can go back to the top of the rim and try out the Skywalk.

Tour Tip #5 Plan On Spending An Entire Day On Your Tour

It takes about 5 hours to ride to the South Rim from Vegas and about 2 1/2 hours to ride to the West Rim. So be sure to plan on devoting an entire day to your Canyon bus tour. The tour is a long ride, but you’ll have time for several stops to rest and see the sights. Be careful about booking reservations for dinner or entertainment the same evening because you may be to worn out to do anything but rest once you get home from your long day of touring.

To Conclude

These 5 tips should help you choose the best Canyon tour when you take your trip to Las Vegas. If you have questions, come to my website. My website has a chat feature, and you can use it to ask me anything you need to know about Canyon tours, I am there most days during daytime hours on MST. So, book your tour online and do it early, and you’ll be all set for your fun-filled bus tour to one of America’s most loved natural wonders.